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First Day of Summer 2019

How do you spend the first day of summer?laugh

I had a friend who really loved the solstices and celebrated each year toasting to the new season with a glass of white wine for spring/summer and red for fall/winter.


Do you have any traditions you follow regarding certain seasons?

If you haven't noticed lately, the market is on fire!!  

Is now a good time to start the process of shopping for a new home?

Sometimes it can take a few months to not only get your financing in order, but with such a hot market, find the perfect home.  Lots of people put their home on the market this 1st day of summer.  It's kinda like a way to celebrate the new season.  

If you purchased a home in 2011, maybe now is a good time to see what your home is worth.  This new season can bring a lot of change.  Call me today to set up a free market analysis so you can find the 2019 value of your home.  Whether you want to sell or use the equity to make some updates, you will be glad you checked it out.


Happy Summer - 




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