Extra, Extra!


Hot Hot Hot

Sure it's a dry heat, but hot is hot.

My husband says that in Arizona we have summer and extreme summer.  

Well, for the 90 days in the summer, that we call monsoon we know we're going to suffer a bit more.

The dewpoint will rise over 55º and it will become a bit sticky.  In the evening we have the risk of big thunderstorms and haboobs (yes, that's spelled correctly) -those are the large sand storms that envelope our city.  

But the saving grace in all of this is that after 90 days it's all gone.  Wheew!

So next time it gets too hot in your neck of the woods - Think about us out in the Valley of the Sun

We'd love to welcome you any time - but maybe October thru April might be better for you.

Joan Lebigot

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